Welcome to The Fuzzy Bee!


I decided to create The Fuzzy Bee after taking part in my first ever craft fair. Let me introduce myself with a few questions-and-answers…



Who am I?

My name is Jess, and I am the owner, creator, designer, maker (etc.etc.) at The Fuzzy Bee! I live in South East England, UK. I turn 30 this year (2019)!



When/where did I learn to crochet?

I was taught to knit at a young age (thanks Mum), and decided that two needles was far too much work, and taught myself the basics (thanks YouTube) of crochet…since then I’ve just learnt through experimentation and practice! I also fell in love with the adorable world of amigurumi and wanted to learn how to do it myself.



Why ‘The Fuzzy Bee’?

I decided to make a couple of ‘Bee-Rings’ (see below) for the above-mentioned craft fair, and wow – they proved unexpectedly popular! Plus, bees are adorable and we need them to survive, so, yay for bees! (Shameless self-promotion time: You will be able to pick up these fuzzy cuties from my ETSY store very soon!)


What is my favourite type of crochet?

I love all kinds of crochet, but I think amigurumi puts the biggest smile on my face…the more adorable the better!



Where else can you follow The Fuzzy Bee?

You can follow us on:


How can I contact you?

You can visit our contact page, or use the form below!



Do you take commissions?

I do! You can get in touch with me via the contact form. I will also be selling makes and patterns on my ETSY page shortly!



Do you have a Paypal.me?

Yes, The Fuzzy Bee’s Paypal.me page is here!