The Fuzzy Bee is a crochet blog and store run by UK based pattern designer, maker and sometimes yarn spinner, Jess. From adorable amigurumi to fun household items, I offer tutorials, patterns and commissions for finished crochet items. Welcome!

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I decided to make a couple of ‘Bee-Rings’ (see below) for a local craft fair, and wow – they proved unexpectedly popular! Plus, bees are adorable and we need them to survive, so, yay for bees!

All you need to get started is a crochet hook (personally, I LOVE these ergonomic hooks), some yarn – I prefer using a cotton based yarn for amigurumi as it’s less ‘fluffy’ and easier to work with, but you can use whatever kind you want!

Have a look online for some basic stitch tutorials – you’ll need to start off by learning to cast on, the chain stitch, single / double crochet (note – American patterns will use ‘Single’ crochet in place of the UK ‘double’ crochet), and to work in the round…Here’s a handy tutorial for Casting on to your Hook to get you started!

I was taught to knit at a young age (thanks Mum) and taught myself the basics of crochet (thanks YouTube)…since then I’ve just learnt through experimentation and practice! I also fell in love with the adorable world of amigurumi and wanted to learn how to do it myself.

I live in the North West of England (in the United Kingdom)!

Amigurumi is the Japanese name for knitted/crocheted dolls and toys. amigurumipatterns.net is a great site to find inspiration and free patterns to try!

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