The Lexie Doll

The Lexie Doll started out as an experiment in shaping – I wanted to create a pattern from scratch as a doll base for future makes. I knew I wanted to try and make a slightly shaped head (rather than a ball shape), and so I added in a few increases around the 13/14th row to give her subtle rounded cheeks. I used 6mm safety eyes (I picked mine up from Amazon) and a touch of blusher on her cheeks to bring her to life!

I knew I wanted the arms to be fairly slender and shaped at the ends, to represent hands. They were a fairly simple design! I didn’t need to use any stuffing as the arms were so small.

The legs are again, a very simple tube, joined by a pelvis in a cream colour (to protect her modesty, of course!). I stuffed the legs firmly as I went.

The torso was crocheted as one tube, continuing from the pelvis, I used increases and invisible decreases to shape the waist. I stuffed the torso I had reached the 3rd row from the top, and then topped up the stuffing as I finished shaping the neck.

Once sewn together, I needed to tackle clothing. This is something that is fairly new to me, so I was making it up as I went along somewhat! I ended up creating the jumper as one flat piece, and sewing it onto the doll. The skirt and boots are interchangeable with other clothing pieces! My challenge this year is to create totally interchangeable outfits!

I made the boots by crocheting the same pattern as for the legs – but with a hook that was one size up (I used a 2.5mm hook for the legs and a 3.5mm hook for the boots).

Finally, her hair – I picked up this yarn from Hobbycraft a little while ago and I had no idea what I would use it for, but it turns out that it makes fantastic pompoms and even better doll hair! It is super soft and is the Knitcraft Funky Chunky yarn in Cream. I sewed it to the top of her head along the natural centre parting. 

I’m really happy with how she turned out, and I’m hoping to get the pattern written up for the Lexie Doll soon – so watch this space (and our pattern gallery)!


Jess 🐝

  • DMC Natura ‘Just Cotton’ in:
    •  Shade 36 (Gardenia)
    •  Shade 02 (Ivory)
    •  Shade 39 (Ombre)
    •  Shade 98 (Gerbera)
  • Knitcraft Funky Chunky in:
    •  Cream
  • 2.5mm Hook (C/2)
  • 3.5mm Hook (E/4)
  • 6mm Safety Eyes in black
  • Hobbycraft soft toy stuffing
  • Blusher for cheeks/knees (any store bought blusher will do)
  • Stitch Marker