Little Ghostie – Free Pattern!

👻 I released this adorable little ghostie pattern on my Instagram last Halloween, but it never made it over here onto the blog…until now! These make super cute little Halloween decorations on their own, or you can string them together into bunting to hang in your windows, on your walls or anywhere you like! You can find the pattern below…

This pattern is written in UK TERMS. See my handy conversion chart for UK / US terms here.

The size of your ghosties will vary based on the kind of yarn you use. For my ghosties, I used RitoHobby Infinity Hearts Rose 8/4 – 100% Cotton yarn and they’re about 5.5cm tall. 👻


  • Your choice of yarn in whatever colour you want your ghostie to be!
  • 2.5 mm hook (or hook size according to yarn label)
  • Yarn scraps for features (eyes, blush etc)
  • Stitch Marker
  • Large-eyed needle
  • Scissors

Abbreviations (UK Terms)

  • ST – Stitch
  • MR- Magic Ring
  • CH – Chain
  • DC – Double crochet (UK)
  • HDC – Half Double Crochet (UK)
  • INC – Increase
  • SL ST – Slip stitch
  • FO – Fasten Off


👻 The pattern is worked in one piece, in the round, from top to bottom.

In your chosen main yarn colour:

1: 8 DC in MR (8)

2: Inc in each st (16)

3: (1 dc, inc) X8 (24)

4: (2 dc, inc) X 8 (32)

Place st marker.

5 – 18 (14 rnds): dc in each st (32)

Sl St to join the round, Ch 2.

19: 2 hdc in st at base of ch, hdc in next st, then (3 hdc in next st, hdc in next st). repeat between (-) to end. (64)

Sl St in the starting chain of the round to join, FO and weave in yarn tail.

Sew the facial details, such as eyes, mouth, blush etc. with scraps of yarn or embroidery thread as desired.

THANK YOU for making a little ghostie…I hope you’ve enjoyed this pattern! I’d love to see your makes. Tag me on my Instagram Page, on my Facebook Page or on my Twitter Page!

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